Hello and welcome!  I am passionate about using innovations in technology and service delivery to improve health outcomes.  I dabble in economics, medicine, management, and (most-recently) human-centered design and love applying these tools in emerging markets.

I am currently a medical student at Stanford University.  Before this, I worked for three years with the Kenya-based Dispensers for Safe Water program for Innovations for Poverty Action.  Our team took a safe water technology with interesting early-stage results and built an entire organization and delivery model around it.  It was a tremendous learning experience and a project with huge potential for impact.  And most days, I got to play around with smartphones.

In Kenya, I also collaborated with a wonderful team at UCSF at to build a cervical cancer prevention program with Android tablets.

I have worked with the Treatment Action Campaign in Cape Town, a high-volume and outcomes-oriented chronic disease clinic called Inzame Zabantu in Guguletu, the World Bank’s Private Sector Development Division in DC, Citibank in Russia, a large microfinance bank called FINCA in Tanzania, and the Center for Democratic Development in Ghana.  And I was fortunate to have superb mentors in each of these places.

It’s great to be back in the Bay Area, eating good food and scheming over new projects.